Turn 3 - All hell breaks loose

The first Soviet activation (they had the first 7 in a row this turn) saw them pushing the 2 platoons in the central woods forward until they contacted the German force there -- 2 platoons and a company HQ. At this point I decided I better see where all the Germans were, so I could lay them out by units, and figure out if they would need to start pulling units into the center. Here is how it turned out, working roughly west to east:
  Four squads and Co. HQ of 1st Co., 2nd Bn. in the central woods; the rest of the company on the westernmost hill with a MG, mortar, and Bn. HQ. Forward elements to futz with the enemy and fall back to the rest of the company.
   3rd Co., 1st Bn. on the third hill from the west edge, with an Infantry Gun, MG, mortar, and a MG from 2nd Bn.
  Two squads of 2nd Co. on the rear of the central hill, with a MG, Co. HQ, and 50mm ATG.
  The Recce Co. with its' Inf. Gun on the west edge of the long east hill with the Co. HQ.
  Behind them Regt. HQ and the Marder Co.
  The rest of 2nd Co. -- 4 squads, a MG, 75mm ATG, and 1st Bn. HQ on the center of that hill.
  All of 1st Co., with MG and mortar in and near the woods at the easternmost end of the long east hill.
  Off-board elements comprised a heavy mortar and two medium mortars.

Nothing in the center except part of 2nd Co. and a light ATG; with the Marders nearby. Yikes.

Back to the central woods, the Soviets chose to fire from 2" rather than close for an assault next turn, and rolled four 1s. Yeesh. When the Germans finally got their chance, they assaulted, resulting in both sides losing 3 of their 4 squads and the survivor pinned on both sides.

The Soviets mostly kept moving, except for the pinned squads and T-60, which could never get going, and the off-bard elements: Regt. HQ, IG, heavy mortar, and medium mortar. At this point the Engineer Co. and 2nd Bn. HQ have not entered yet, but the 2nd motorized Bn. and SMG Co. have.
The Germans opend up with the IG's, which KO'd some squads, and the 75 ATG, which missed, in addition to calling in fire from the mortars.
Now that the Soviets had some targets, their mortar fire was more effective, and they managed to KO the IG with 3rd Co. and pin a nearby squad, and KO'd a squad of the Recce Co. and pinned another while firing at their IG. 
Meanwhile, the German fire accounted for 3 squads of 2nd Co. 2nd Bn., and 2 more from 3rd Co.

By the end of the turn, the Soviet front line was less than a foot from the ridgeline, so the Germans started pulling 1st Co., 1st Bn. westward and the rump of 1st Co., 2nd Bn. eastward. 

These units will have to start their turn 4 with Morale Checks: German 3rd Co, 1st Bn; 1st Co., 2nd Bn.; and Recce Co. Soviet 2nd Co., !st Bn.; 2nd Co., 2nd Bn.; and 3rd Co., 2nd Bn.
But it looks like it's going to be pretty easy for the Soviets to push through.

         West behind German ridge

          West "aerial" view

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