Google docs not sufficient

Well, I posted my basic rules on Google Docs, but unfortunately they convert everything to their own format, so when you download it, you lose all the hours of formatting you spent on your doc. So I removed the link from my prior post. I will have to find another site to host my rules.

not only do they trash your format, but they won't let you delete a file after you have uploaded it, and if you play around with the editing features a little, it exposes the HTML code and garbles up the screen pretty badly. Very disappointing from a major player like Google.

Onward and upward...


Soldiers East rules available for download

Largely based (i.e., stolen from) Ross Macfalane's RCW set (which was based on Joseph Morschauser's rules).
Not yet tested, so feel free to try them and provide feedback.  ;)  Thanks!


Soldiers East start-up

OK, got the blog setup, mostly.
Got the basic S.E. rules done, mostly.
Got the scenario picked out, but haven't got all the forces ready yet.

It's a start.