Pics of the playtest battlefield

Here are the first pics of the layout for Scenario 1. Table is 6 feet North to South and 7.5 feet East to West.

                                           From the South (Soviet) edge.

                                            From the West edge.

                                            From the East edge.

                                            From the South-east.   

                                            From the South-west.

The Soviets will have 10 turns to get 2 units in good shape off the North edge. Neither side can expect any reinforcements. I'm thinking of using Grant's programmed responses from Programmed Wargame Scenarios. Probably Scenario 1, because that is the only one I've read besides the mini-campaigns (what will-power!).
I think I'll lay out the German cards tonight.

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Dale said...

Very nice looking game cloth. I am guessing that you made it because it matches the pattern of the hills. If so that is a really good job.