Turn 5 - the Carnage Continues

I decided that all units that are required to make Morale Tests must be activated before any others can be. So the first Soviet activation went to the 1/1 co., who passed but 3 squads failed to rally. The MG fired on the Marders with no effect, and the rest managed to pin a squad of 1/1.
Then the Soviet 3/2 passed (required a 6!), advanced up center hill and pinned a squad of 2/1 and the 50 ATG. The MG panicked and deployed west of the crest. 
The German 3/1 co. passed and fired on the T-70s with no effect.
The German Recce HQ, all that was left, passed on a 6 also. They jumped in the ex-IG truck and headed over to report to Rgt. HQ.
The Soviet 2/2 co. Halted out of range; the HQ closed up with the remaining squads.
The T34 bn. (with 60% casualties incl. HQ) Halted; the tank riders unloaded and the T34s fired on the Marders, pinning the HQ. vehicle.
The Soviet 1/2 co. moved up to the crest of center hill and along the road between hills.
The Lt. Tnk bn.  moved around the west of center hill and pinned a squad of 2/1; except 1 T-60 out of command that fired on the Marders and missed.
The Marder HQ failed to rally twice; the other 2 pulled back of the ridge and headed west to intercept the impending Soviet breakthrough.
The German 2/2 co. on center hill passed, but the 50ATG and 1 squad took 2 tries to rally. The other 2 squads and the MG passed their 1st and KO'd a squad each of 1/1 and 3/1.
The German 1/2 co. continued west to the end of long ridge; then KO'd a MG of 1/3 and a squad of 1/2.
The 1st SCC occurred and the turn continued.
The Soviet 2nd Mot. co. moved up to the edge of center hill and unloaded.
The Soviet 2/2 advanced through the woods.
The German 2/2 rump on long ridge KO'd 1 squad of 1/2 and the 75ATG KO'd another T34.
The German 1/1 & Bn HQ continued to move east behind the ridge, coming within 6" of the road.
At this point the Soviet commander remembered he had fire support and activated the recce AC to call in Hvy Mrtr and IG fire on 1/2, KO'd the HQ and 3 squads, pinning another. Then it called 2 medium mortars onto 2/2, KO'd 1 squad and the 75 ATG.
The Soviet SMG co. moved up into the wreckage of the T34 bn.
The 2nd SCC occurred, and the turn continued.
The Soviet Lt. ATG co. moved toward long ridge gap, and 2nd Bn. HQ moved up to a pinned squad of 1/1.
The Soviet Eng. co. moved up and so did 1st Bn. HQ.
The 3rd SCC occurred, ending the turn. Cards left: 4 Sov., 3 Ger.

I decided that spotting must be better defined - no spotter can spot for more than one firing group, no more than 3 stands, which must be within 2" of each other.

                                           Center Hill

                                           Long Ridge

                                           Middle of battlefield

                                           Flaming hulks

                                           Last T34