Soldiers East basic rules done, & first scenario ready.

Finally, I am ready for the first play-test of my Soldiers East rules, probably next weekend.



The scenario is based on the first scenario from Scenarios For All Ages, called Attack on a Prepared Position.I decided to use a fairly basic assault scenario to concentrate on the rules, not the situation. I have  designed a somewhat random setup for the Germans, and the Soviets will have to roll for their attack plan before they see any Germans anyway,  just face down cards in place, so hopefully it is not too cut and dried, with a chance for some surprises.

I decided not to give the Germans any entrenchments, because those on the ridge will get light cover for elevation, and I didn't want to overload the defense... although when I look at all those Soviets, it makes me wonder how well the Germans available can cover 7.5 feet of ridge-line.

No pics of anything yet. I'll try to get some next weekend.

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