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In between the washer-base experiment, I tried to use the ideas I had posted on randomly selecting forces, but it was too hard to remember what the playing cards stood for. So I created a set of business cards (using free Avery templates) and printed them out, front and back. Since I have to feed the business card sheets manually, they came out crooked every time, but "good enough for wargaming".
If anyone is interested, I have posted 3 files (2 sets of fronts and one back to use for both) on Mediafire here:

Since there are 10 cards per sheet and I needed 18 to cover the cards allocated, I used the 2 extra for Recon squads, which will probably be incorporated eventually. And I can make up more cards fairly easily if desired.

I also uploaded the Unit ID / markers sheet I made up (in MSPaint, actually), then had it printed on one 8.5" x 11" sheet of peel-and-stick paper, to be cut out and used for Unit IDs (on the bottom of the magnets, 2 per squad, 3 per HW squad, 1 per ATG); and the P & S (Pinned and Suppressed) markers to be mounted on something suitable (front and back for easy flipping).
They are here:

Then I used the Force Cards to make up some sample OOB's for different scenarios (all in summer 1943, which is where I will start since it matches my equipment best)(and I have a great book by David Glantz on the post-Kursk Soviet offensive).

Test 1: Frontal Assault, Soviet attacker.
Germans: 3 Rifle, 1 Barrage, 1 Pz IVh, 1 Armored Infantry.
Soviets: 3 Rifle, 2 Barrages, 1 T34/76c, 2 Tank Riders, 1 KV-85, 1 SU-85.

Test 2: Surprise Attack, German attacker.
Germans: 2 Rifle, 2 Barrages, 2 Armored Infantry, 1 Pz IVh, 1 Heavy Weapons, 1 Pz III L or M, 1 Pz VIa.
Soviet initial defenders: 3 Rifle, 1 Barrage.
Soviet reinforcements: 1 Rifle, 1 T34/76c, 1 Tank Riders, 1 SU-85.

Test 3: Encounter.
Germans: 3 Rifle, 1 Barrage, 2 Armored Infantry, 1 Pz IVh, 1 Heavy Weapons, 1 Pz VIa.
Soviets: 3 Rifle, 1 Barrage,1 Tank Riders, 1 T34/76c, 1 KV-85, 2 SU-85.

Test 4: Escalating Assault.
German initial forces: 1 Armored Infantry, 1 Pz IVh, 1 Pz V.
German reinforcements: 2 Rifle, 1 Barrage, 1 Armored Infantry, 1 Pz III L or M, 1 Marder III.
Soviet initial forces: 1 Rifle, 1 Tank Riders, 1 T34/76c.
Soviet reinforcements: 2 Rifle, 1 Barrage, 1 Tank Riders, 1 KV-85, 1 Cavalry.

Test 5: Surprise Attack, Soviet Attacker.
German initial defenders: 2 Rifle, 1 Barrage, 1 Pz III L or M.
German reinforcements: 1 Rifle, 2 Armored Infantry, 1 Pz IVh.
Soviet attackers: 2 Rifle, 2 Barrage, 3 Tank Riders, 2 T34/76c, 2 KV-85, 1 SU-85.

So there is some control of what you wind up with, but you can still wind up not getting the mix you would prefer.

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